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October 28, 2013

Florida Offense

You know, I'm guilty of something egregious. I was so scarred by Spurrier/Meyer years that I just assume Florida will show up and be ready to put 450 yards and 30 points on the board. Automatic. Those wounds heal slowly.

The Muschamp era has changed things, though. I know I've made fun of them for their offensive ineptitude. That doesn't change the thoughts I have for when we have to face them. However, I didn't realize it was this bad:
Even Kentucky’s anemic offense ranks higher than the Gators, who are currently ranked #109 nationally at 336.9 yards per game and #101 in scoring at 21.1. In the three years of the Will Muschamp era, the Gators have never cracked the top 100 offenses in the country and that is distressing...
Yes, Florida's defense very good. Ours is improving. That make me think this Saturday is going to make Sylvester Croom giddy with conservative offense.

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gullyterrier . said...

One thing is going to look better on Sat. Either FL finally scores some points or UGA finally stops someone... I am hoping for the latter.

Hunkering Hank said...

It's Georgia - Florida man. None of this matters. What matters is if Georgia chokes or not. Don't choke. We win. It's that easy.

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