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October 28, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 10

Confession time: I have no idea what I'm doing. When you agree to do these things, you think 'no problem' and 'how hard can it be?' Well, it is hard when you have no clear top team in one division and no clear 2-5 in either. And teams are beating each other. And upsets. Lord, the upsets.

And you have a team (Georgia) who could be two players from being one of the top three teams in the conference again. Just really tough to figure. Anyway, this is my best guess. Feel free to mock in the comments.
  1. Alabama - If the SEC keeps pulling this crap, the Tide will need to win out and big to ensure a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.
  2. Auburn - Why not? 
  3. Missouri - Looked like an honest to goodness challenger to Alabama for just under 3 quarters.
  4. LSU - Best win right now is Auburn. Think about that.
  5. Texas A&M - "Who is that guy in the pointy hat up there with Johnny Football?" is the punch line to my favorite joke.
  6. South Carolina - Gutsy performance by Shaw. However, I still think they don't come close to winning if Pinkel didn't suddenly become Tom O'Brien in the 4th quarter. 
  7. Georgia - Getting Gurley back will help. Can it help keep the Dawgs from going to Nashville for a bowl game?
  8. Florida - No truth to the rumor that Will Muschamp called Derek Dooley for career advice on Friday.
  9. Ole Miss - Paging Dr. Bo. Dr. Bo to delivery.
  10. Tennessee - Tiny Richardson promising a win against Missouri is pretty bold. Actually doing it will be another matter.
  11. Vandy - Franklin pulled all his tricks out and still lost by 30. Makes you wonder just how bad Vandy is without the officials helping things along.
  12. Mississippi State - King of the dipshits, at least this week.
  13. Kentucky - This sounds crazy, but Kentucky has given everyone they've played, except Alabama, a tough game. I'm willing to say they are better than Arkansas, and it ain't close.
  14. Arkansas - Looking at stats and how the teams Arkansas actually beat have done, I think Arkansas is worse than Kentucky. #science


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