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October 7, 2013

Jerry Palm downgrades Georgia to Sell

Jerry Palm is done with UGA:

BCS Title GameJan. 6Pasadena, Calif..BCS vs BCSAlabama vs. Ohio State
OrangeJan. 3Miami, Fla.ACC/BCS vs BCSClemson vs. Oregon
SugarJan. 2New Orleans, La.SEC/BCS vs BCSSouth Carolina vs. Louisville
FiestaJan. 1Glendale, Ariz.Big 12/BCS vs BCSOklahoma State vs. Fresno State
RoseJan. 1Pasadena, Calif.Big Ten/BCS vs Pac-12/BCSNebraska vs. Stanford
This is the first time Palm has put any team but UGA in the Sugar Bowl. He currently has the Dawgs in the CapitalOne Bowl.  Presumably, he thinks Georgia will lose two more SEC games, based on this prediction.

Either that or he thinks the BCS would take a one-two loss South Carolina over a two-three loss Georgia.


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