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October 21, 2013

Maybe we want a special teams coach just so we can call for his firing

You know, I've really struggled with the special teams coach thing. I get Coach Richt's reasoning for not having one. I really do. And he is right about Lilly being the de facto special teams coach. He performs all the duties a Special Teams Coordinator would, namely handling meeting times and setting the practice order, ect.

On the other, it is clear UGA is and has been struggling on special teams for some time. In the last two seasons, I really bought the argument that having one coach would have significantly improved some things, especially as it relates to Blair Walsh and Marshall Morgan. This year, I'm not certain. I can make the argument that someone who is a special teams specialist could help speed up Barber's punting motion without giving up 10 yards or maybe be able to help Theus/Frix with their long snapping, but Seth Emerson fairly summarized why I'm not sold on the idea that a Special Teams Coordinator would solve anything
Damian Swann muffing a punt is not a coaching issue. Trent Frix (in this game) and Nate Theus (in previous games) muffing punt snaps is not a coaching issue. These are performance issues. Those arguing for a special teams coordinator may have a case, but they need to point out how one man overseeing special teams will fix the specific problems that are occurring. Just making a blanket assertion that they need to hire a special teams coach is too simplistic.
Clearly, I think Seth is right about that. What would having a Special Teams Coordinator fix about muffed punts? I can make the argument that we could do a better job in talent utilization with one, maybe. Perhaps having a coordinator put someone in the position of constantly thinking about fake field goals. Even so, it is on the players to execute. Would having accountability to one coach increase player's motivation to execute?

Still I can't help but to think we Georgia fans want a coordinator just so we can call for his firing. We have to have someone to blame, right?


Trey said...

A special teams coordinator won't fix performance issues, but it would put a cohesive philosophy on the field. Right now, it seems like its an amalgamation of ideas lumped together with no underlying intent from the coaches except "I hope we don't screw this up." Punt defense is just a mess. There is no pressure on the punter (when was the last time they really went for a block?) nor is there any ability to set up a return because it seems like they play punt safe 90% of the time. It's a wasted down. Kickoff coverage is hit-or-miss. Kickoff returns are non-existent. The punt team leaves wide ass gaps that teams have overloaded twice for punt blocks... yet they still use that formation.

Those are all schematic in nature, which is a coaching problem. You don't have to have a special teams coordinator to fix these things, but I think it might help. Hell, it would help if the coaches didn't view special teams as a screw-up waiting to happen, and tried to take advantage of areas of weakness in their opponents. The teams that have the most success, make things happen on special teams. UGA's special teams try to avoid making anything happen out of fear that they will screw something up.

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