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October 22, 2013

SEC Blog Poll Ballot, Week OH MY GOD IT ALL BLEW UP

  1. Alabama - Don't look now, but Alabama's defense is coming around. 
  2. Missouri - Only the third strangest thing I'll write today: Missouri is the class of the East, and it ain't close.
  3. Auburn - Can't decide if they are that good or just that lucky. Today, I think they are that good.
  4. LSU - Dear Coach Miles: never stop being Les Miles.
  5. Texas A&M - Manny Diaz could probably help their defense improve.
  6. Georgia - A team in ditharay. Between the injuries and special teams, the Dawgs are regressing quickly.
  7. South Carolina - Did someone slip the same drink that got Spurrier's show spiked into his pregame sippy cup? Like Georgia, South Carolina regressing, but more because of lack of confidence than injuries.
  8. Florida - Became Georgia's mirror image in Columbia. Minus the special teams crap.
  9. Ole Miss - Beneficiary of the Leslie E. Miles memorial dumb coaching decision of the season of the month.
  10. Vandy - Congrats on the win, Vandy bros. Like everything else, it was handed to you on a silver platter.
  11. Tennessee - Butches be trifflin'.
  12. Mississippi State - Nothing like not losing during your bye week.
  13. Arkansas - Arkansas is in real danger of letting Kentucky get past them. 
  14. Kentucky - Second strangest thing I'll write today: Kentucky will beat Mississippi State this weekend.


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