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October 9, 2013

Ok, students. Prove me wrong.

More importantly, we alumni need to do so, too. Noon kickoffs have not been our sweet spot. That is because we decide it isn't. Just as assuredly as we decide it is for 3:30 CBS games. The students are the vocal leaders of spirit in Sanford. Show our old asses up.

Alumni, we are the ones that take those 18K voices and make them sound like 125K angry bad asses. We have to get over our aversion to standing up for longer than 30 seconds at a time. And yelling. 

We have to treat Sanford like a football stadium that is full of fans wishing mal-intent on opposing teams instead of treating the day like a fun afternoon at the Chamblee Cat Festival.

Go Damn Dawgs!


dawgfan09 said...

Great article. If we hadn't had all of the injuries I think we would have came out in the second half alot stronger. I think Bobo was more flustered than Murray. Murray really showed some composure in this game and JJ Green stepped up and delivered. I had no doubt about Green. I watched this kid at Camden Camden County, he runs like a 220 pound back with speed and he'll punish anyone that tries to tackle him. Wooten really stepped up as well. Conley has really impressed me this season. He has came through in every game this season. My biggest concern is our defense. If our defense doesn't improve, they need to start benching some folks. I know they're really young, but they're wearing red and black for a reason. These guys need to step up and play to their ability. Stop giving up these 30+ points per game to take some pressure off the offense. They can't carry the load the entire season.

rbruce2334 said...

So much for that:

ATHENS, Ga. --- Due to UGA Student ticket returns, a limited number of tickets to this Saturday's home football game vs. Missouri are on sale to the general public.

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