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October 10, 2013

The In Game Experience


While I am all for anything that shuts them up from playing Rocky Top for achievements like getting a play off successfully, I am empathetic to the band director's plight. I am sure part of Dave Hart's issues revolve around how much folks that are actually showing up for the games are interested in hearing the same stuff over and over versus how much they want to feel like there is a lively atmosphere.

I know where I stand on it, but as an AD seeing a stadium that isn't sold out and facing a deficit to pay for the sins of your predecessor, I can see where he'd want a loud stadium, even if he has to pump in some Pit Bull sometimes. As an aside, I think we get it right at UGA with the mixture of on video screen/loudspeaker entertainment vs. Red Coat Band. I am especially thankful that the powers that be let the Red Coats carry the house at pivotal points and late in the 4th quarter.

The band has a large and passionate alumni base, but in my experience picking a fight with athletics is always a losing battle.
Yeah, that is about right.



Hey berto said...

I'm all for whatever keeps techno out of the loudspeakers. Hearing that awful, annoying techno song played over and over at Willaims Brice is as annoying as Rocky Top. I heard it a couple of years ago in Athens and about crapped myself, but I think its now out of rotation, thank god.

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