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October 24, 2013

This Season: A glance ahead

I was full of bloggerage about the targeting penalties. On the drive back from Nashville, I had about ten posts in my head about intent, necessity of the rule, and baby with the bathwater kind of stuff. Thankfully, Blutarsky beat me to it. Over the week, I've gotten my head around the offense and the defense. Who knows about special teams?

So I've attended to real life a bit this week.

While I was reading some non-blog stuff this week, I came across a passage from "Breaking the Line" about the FAMU vs. Grambling 19647 Organge Blossom Classic game. Samuel Freedman follows both teams and coaches in that season. As a part of it he discusses Eddie Robinson's path to Grambling and something he put in there about Robinson's approach when he started at Grambling stood out. It was a bit The Lion in Winter, but it also applies to the current season we are in. Robinson discussed doing everything well, with pride, even if you are failing. That there is value in focusing on doing things as well as possible, even if they result in failure.

What struck me about that is that we, as UGA fans, are bitching too much about what could have been and not focusing on what will be. We will beat Florida again. We will beat Auburn again, and likely derail their SEC Championship aspirations. We will beat Tech again and shut up Schultz. We will step up and play solid defense, which we actually did in the Vandy game, and provide a base from which to work with going into 2014.

Am I disappointed over the way this season has unfolded? Absolutely. But there'll be time for thoughtful introspection (or wild demands, if you are so inclined) at the end of the season. The rumors Monday did nothing to help us beat Florida. If you aren't focused on that, please stay your ass in Conyers or where ever. Our team needs us to bring the pain in Jacksonville.

We expect them to. They should expect us to.



NCDawg31 said...

Exactly. No season can be considered a complete failure if we're beating the Gators for the third time in a row. Still lots to play for.

Newt said...

Well said. Go 5-0 against SC, UT, UF, AU and gt and it'll be hard not to smile. The season is too short and 2014 is too far away to not enjoy what's left of this ride.

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