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November 19, 2013

3 questions answered: Auburn

I asked 3 questions, I answer 3 questions:
  1. Can Aaron Murray exploit the Auburn passing D? Well, the 4th quarter comeback/heartsmash never happens if he doesn't. I'm surprised we waited as long as we did to start working on the middle. Perhaps it had something to do with Dee Ford living in Murray's back pocket so much early.
  2. Has our rushing defense been a mirage? Lord, yes. Auburn is a good, physical football team. Grantham didn't have his group ready to handle Marshall and Mason's ability to read blocking to get to the hole. He didn't have them ready to handle their blocking schemes. Or tackle when we did get to the runner.
  3. Special teams. I really can't complain about this.
This game will hurt for a while, not because we should have won or because of the terrible play that will be the defining moment of Auburn football for a long time, but because we finally made solid halftime adjustments offensively, especially considering how overmatched the offensive line looked at times. I've long felt Bobo would be slovenly devoted to his game plan, but he showed ingenuity in scheming around those line issues.



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