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November 15, 2013

3 Questions: Auburn

No beating around the bush:

  1. Can Aaron Murray exploit the Auburn passing D? I've looked at Auburn's pass D. If Murray can connect early and often with Bennett and Rumph, and Hicks/whatever TE we have that isn't in a wheel chair can catch passes, that open opportunities for the long ball and makes the LBs play the run softer, allowing us to do the things we want to do with Gurley and Douglas.
  2. Has our rushing defense been a mirage? We have been very good at stopping the run. Will that continue against the best rushing offense we've seen this season? If we don't stop the run, us having to stop the pass is irrelevant, as they'll never pass.
  3. Special teams. [CUT AND PASTE ANY OF 50 OTHER RANTS ABOUT THIS] And this.
My gut instinct is if we don't turn the ball over inside the 30 and give up a special teams score, we can win. Our rush defense is good enough to force Marshall to beat us with his arm. Our offense is good enough to put up points on Auburn's defense. Of  course, no way we win if we just give up points or field position due to poor punt coverage (or blocking), or a fat guy touchdown.



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