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November 15, 2013

Dawgs take on Jackets at Stegeman this evening

I know we have Auburn tomorrow. I know. But you can never pass on the opportunity to support the Georgia Bulldogs against Georgia Tech. Especially in their sport (I don't actually believe basketball shouldn't be our sport, too; rant for another day tho).

If you are student, come help us hate Tech in person.
Plus, there are T-shirts to the first 1000 students:
For the record, I am very excited "What does the Fox say?" is being put to good use.



Hunkering Hank said...

Does anyone really give Fox any chance of turning this around? Isn't McGarity just wasting time not letting him go? I say get rid of him at the end of the year and move on. Maybe we can get somebody with AAU ties that can actually get more than one kid every five years with great talent to come to UGA.

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