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November 8, 2013

3 Questions: App State

Instead of my usual exercise, let me just muse for a minute. We've played exactly one game, North Texas, where the game went even remotely how we thought it would. Even then, with the special teams crap, things got in the way of doing the things you'd like to get to do in a perfect world against North Texas:

  • Rest starters. Protect from random injury Loki.
  • Get game speed reps for your defense to learn sets.
  • Allow you back ups significant playing time.
  • Give you chance to run plays that seem to work well in practice, but you never know until you get game speed reps.
  • Allow your coaches to sample different personnel groupings.
I know we are in game 9, but we still of have some big games ahead. Getting the chance to figure some stuff out with Auburn looming would be awesome.

Plus, it'd be nice to see Hutson Mason some, right?



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