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November 7, 2013

3 Questions Answered: Florida

Sorry, nearly forgot about this:
  1. Will Bobo v.2013 show back up? For a half. That half was as well called half as Mike Bobo has ever had. Just spectacular. I'm willing to let go of the 3rd quarter. That was on player execution and the defense. That last drive was purely one team imposing their will on the other. 
  2. How much will Grantham's approach matter? Give Grantham credit, that blitz call with Moore was as good a call as he's had all season. The 83 yard play? Well, that wasn't the defense's finest moment, and one we all knew would happen eventually. That Florida got no points out of that play was a good thing. Overall? I think Grantham moved guys around and did a good job. Except for the 12 men on the field call. 
  3. Special Teams blah, blah, blah. Will it matter? Morgan Marshall earned Player of the Week honors. Not sure what was up with the short kick offs, but it worked well enough. Hey, no bad punting things happened, either.
If you can't appreciate that 8 minute drive to end the game, you don't like football.


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