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November 4, 2013

Bright side of Florida game

A few cogent thoughts from the four hour drive back to Athens:
  • Going into the game, Florida hadn't allowed a drive over 10 plays. That game ending drive was 15. And over 8 minutes. Georgia fans, behold this. This is Grown Man Football.
  • Artie, you've got to listen for the whistle. I firmly believe if you pick that ball up an official from 25 yards away blows it and calls it incomplete, but still.
  • All you Bobo haters, tell me how he messed up? The only nit I have to pick is the wildcat play with a RB that was obviously not at full speed. But it is a pretty small nit.
  • Looking over the stats, we got the second most yards against Florida this season, with the second most ypp and points. Missouri is the first place team on that list.
  • Quayvon, it is heartening to see you hitting people like you mean it again.
  • How do we end up having 12 men on the field coming out of a time out. On defense. I'm gonna watch the replay tomorrow, but damn. If I'm ever going to get on a Fire Grantham train, it'll be for crap like that.
  • Before you start with the 'well, Florida is down' shit, none of their asses think that about us during the 90s.
  • Speaking of stats, Florida's offense did better against UGA than they did against Missouri and LSU, but worse than everyone else. Which is about right.
  • Can you remember a Florida team play that undisciplined? It seemed like they were intentionally going after Gurley at the end, and trying to create a fight. Just ugly.
  • And thanks to the Florida player falling down randomly to give Georgia 40 seconds instead of 25 on the play clock. 
I said going into Everbank any win is an awesome win. I still mean that. When we lose to Florida again, it'll hurt like hell. As much as this win was sweet.



Erskine said...

When you watch the replay, specifically florida's 2 pt. conversion, how did they break the huddle with a 12th player running onto the field as a substitution and not get a penalty? Has the rule changed?

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