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November 3, 2013

Sunday morning comes

A few thoughts before hitting the road...
* Gurley will get credit, and rightfully so, but Michael Bennett's return was as big.
* We are a much different defense when we blitz.
* The third quarter was a microcosm of the game we were all afraid we were going to see.
* Once again a game seemed turned on one play: the dropped "lateral"
* I'll have to watch it, but from my seat it looked like Wooten had hold of that pass, even on the replay.
* Wow, the game was really physical on the line of scrimmage.
* Give Florida credit, on the safety they really, really had the right package in.
* That being said, the tackle over there has to at least put hands on that guy.
* It was good to finally get a call that turned a game FOR us.

Finally, it can't be over stated how impressive that last drive was against a very good defense. That with a gimpy RB and a QB who'd lost all confidence in his receivers. Our offensive line just man handled their front. Really impressive.


Steve said...

Wooten didn't catch it, and I think you'll agree when you see the replay on TV. As a Georgia fan scarred by the last 20 years of this rivalry, that drop and the subsequent field goal gave me the first of many "oh no, here we go again" moments yesterday...

gullyterrier . said...

It was bang bang, but I think the call was right. I would have preferred it go our way of course...

Amanda said...

Awesome AWESOME stuff. The full DVD is a must have! Amanda Vanderpool

Trey said...

It was more of a catch in-bounds than either the Tennessee or LSU catches that were replayed and confirmed as catches against us.

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