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November 9, 2013

First thoughts on Appy State

Only have a couple of things to take away on first thought:
  • Good to see Hutson Mason in there. It shouldn't be a surprise he had looked a tad more at ease with the likes of Tibbs, Erdman, and Towns. Keep in mind, they are his main targets on the 2nd team.
  • Still, his 68.75% was not as good as Murray's 73%.  Unless you look on the message boards. 
  • The defense really tightened up after the targeting penalty. Not sure if it had anything to do with it, but App State gained 141 yards in four drives. After it, they gained 112 on 9 drives. That 112 yards includes Corey Moore's 15 yards.
  • That being said, the underneath pass. Shesh.
  • Hey, we blocked a place kick!
I don't think there is anything new or interesting this week, by the way. It was the kind of game you'd like, unless anyone got hurt we don't know about.


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