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November 10, 2013

UGA Defensive Stats

Did a quick look at some stats in light of us finishing our cupcakes. A couple of things stood out (all stats courtesy of Marty and his awesome work at
  • Georgia is now 77th in scoring defense.
  • Georgia is 34th in ypg.
  • Georgia is 24th in rushing defense.
  • Georgia is 86th in passing defense.
  • Georgia is 83rd in 3rd down defense.
  • Georgia is 109th in 3rd down defense when it is 3rd and 7+.
My take away? We are doing much better defensively against the run, which is how you end up with your Mike leading the conference in tackles. We are doing worse against the pass. No matter how much a team sets up the pass with the run and we stop them, they will still succeed with the pass.

Good news, two of our three remaining opponent uses the run to set up the run. The trick will be not letting either of those offenses get enough out of their passing games to render the stout rush defense meaningless.


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