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November 11, 2013

Home of the Braves

I don't get all the uproar. I definitely understand the impact it has on the neighborhoods around Turner Field, but it isn't like The Ted is a true downtown ball park (like Camden Yards or Petco) or in a historic locale like Yankee Stadium. If they were building somewhere closer in town, would that change anything about the move?

What am I missing, other than the obvious, which is the stadium isn't old enough or out dated enough to be obsolete?



CJ M said...

My gripe is necessity. A new stadium isn't necessary. Not. One. Bit.

Hunkering Hank said...

According to the Braves it needs $150 Million in upgrades to "infrastructure." I don't know what that is, but I wouldn't pay $150 Million to stay in the same place either.
That said, 285, 75 and 41 are going to have to be double-decked to withstand the traffic.

Justin Hall said...

My complaint is it isn't moving near a Marta line. Needs to have some mass transit options besides buses and Cobb hasn't shown a willingness to run any rail.

JBC said...

This will end up being the final push that 'forces' Cobb County to agree to run a rail there

David Clark said...

Atlanta is more Balkanized than any other metro area in the country, outside of the Bay Area.

That's the big driver of passion here.

TylerDawgden said...

They'll redevelop the area. It is prime RE with double Interstate access. I could see them modifying or doing a teardown rebuild for a soccer specific stadium as a part of that, especially if MLS shows a willingness to expand.

bobby abercrombie said...

A big part is they dont own a majority of the stadium, the city does which cuts into their revenue and it would be easier to get to this area than downtown for most north side fans.

Justin Hall said...

Arthur Blank will be putting the new MLS team in his new stadium.

AJC Politicos think it could be turned into a horse racing / casino site. Of course they say this about every large redevelopment project

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