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November 5, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 11

  1. Alabama - Eleven point spread sounds a bit too small. Does Vegas know something we don't about LSU? 
  2. Missouri - For all the doomsday scenarios about ties in the East, the scenarios that miss one important thing: Missouri will be favored in the rest of their games.
  3. Auburn - That defense is nothing to get excited about, but they are getting better at offense. Think Georgia, but without the injuries.
  4. LSU - Crazy that LSU is the key to the same doomsday scenario of multi-loss ties, but no one is talking about it. Hello? Is this thing on?
  5. Texas A&M - And on the Eighth Day He Created JFF.
  6. Georgia - Flipping the script of the Georgia-Florida series is Aaron Murray's greatest career accomplishment.
  7. South Carolina - Uninspiring win over Mississippi State. Of course, when you keep getting the ball back without punts or kickoffs, you can't get too many yards.
  8. Ole Miss - Lot's of talk about Ole Miss causing havoc in the East with the game against Missouri. I don't see it.
  9. Florida - I assume Brent Pease will end up getting a head coaching job at the end of this season, too.
  10. Vandy - Two of the nicest guys in the SEC meet to decide who goes to the BBVA Compass Bowl.
  11. Mississippi State - Is it safe to say Dan Mullen is on the hot seat? 
  12. Tennessee - Dooley sure left that cupboard bare, didn't he?
  13. Kentucky - I'm pretty sure they'd beat Grambling.
  14. Arkansas - Just a bad football team. Nothing against coaching, just nothing there for them to work with.
Tough week.


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