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November 5, 2013

First thoughts on basketball

In case you missed it, UGA played their exhibition match last night, handling UNC-Pembroke 81-69, despite [INSERT IMPOSSIBLY HIGH WHOLE NUMBER HERE] turnovers. Before you dismiss that, remember, West Georgia took Alabama to overtime and lost by one., please

I won't pretend to have seen the game, but from what I have heard, we looked faster and moved the ball pretty well. Also, Coach Fox has done some things to the offense to free up shooters a bit. The other report I heard is that we are more athletic and we'll play smaller line ups and be on the move more to use our athleticism.

The one thing that freaks me out is the new emphasis on calling hand checks. Last year, it got ridiculous with how physically they were letting players get on a ball handler. So the NCAA did what they do, over reacted. Based on what we have seen in exhibitions and such, we'll see a ton more hand checks called. We've got to be a better free throw shooting team if we have any chance to win games. If not, teams will simply check us on the perimeter and not allow us to use our quickness.

Then we get into a FT shooting competition. Trading 65% FT shooting for 75% FT shooting is no way to go through life.

First game is Friday night at 7:30 against Wofford. If you are going to be in town for Homecoming and don't have obligations, ease over to Stegeman and check out this year's team.



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