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December 2, 2013

Georgia's Bowl

ESPN has us in the Gator. Can't argue with that. Here's how it'll shake out:

SEC Champ and Alabama in BCS
Loser of SEC Championship Game in CapOne
LSU in Cotton Bowl
South Carolina in Outback

Now there are three 8-4 teams for the league to match up with Bowl Partners. Texas A&M, Georgia, and Vandy. Throw in Ole Miss, despite losing to Mississippi State on Thanksgiving night. Georgia is 5-3 in the conference. I think we stand a better than even shot at the CFA bowl. Part of that is match up. For my money, I'd rather get Michigan in the Gator than the presumptive ACC runner up Duke in Atlanta, but still there is an matter of prestige.

It'd be hard to see CFA and Gator grabbing Ole Miss or Vandy over Georgia and Texas A&M, so basically it is the Aggies and the Dawgs for those two. I think the CFA will want UGA fans to fill up Georgia Dome since Duke won't travel. If Duke pulls the upset over FSU, no way Georgia makes the CFA, as the ACC will have two BCS teams and Clemson will face A&M.

But, the CFA might throw it down to get Johnny Football in his last college football game if it is Duke.


paulwesterdawg said...

There is no way in hell that the Chick Fil A bowl passes on Johnny Football. Especially if they don't have to take Duke. Duke and Miami will have the same # of losses. They don't have to take the dookies

TylerDawgden said...

Hadn't considered Miami. Just assumed they'd take the World's Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party loser. Although Miami travels worse than Duke.

Thomas Brown said...

Here are all the details all 4 years I just finished researching :




With Regard to Final AP Poll Top 25 :

UnRanked Final AP Poll Top 25 even with win over us 8-4* at
27-34 Vanderbilt 2013

UnRanked Final AP Poll Top 25 even with win 5-7 fired coach 27-29 Colorado 2010

UnRanked Final AP Poll Top 25 even with win 8-5 new coach
31-34 Florida 2010

# 1 Auburn 31-49 in 2010

# 12 Arkansas 24-31 in 2010

# 15 Mississippi State 12-24 in 2010

# 21 Central Florida 6-10 in 2010

# 22 South Carolina 6-17 in 2010

# 9 South Carolina 42-45 in 2011

# 2 LSU 10-42 in 2011

# 8 Boise State 21-35 in 2011

# 11 Michigan State 30-33 in 2011

# 11 South Carolina 7-35 in 2012

# 2 Alabama 28-32 in 2012

# 5 Missouri 26-41 in 2013* might change quite a bit after
SEC CG & Bowl games

# 3 Auburn 38-43 in 2013* might change quite a bit after SEC
CG & Bowl games

# 13 Clemson 35-38 in 2013* might change slightly after
their bowl game

# 4 Florida 17-9 in 2012

# 23 Vanderbilt 48-3
in 2012

# 25 Nebraska 45-31 in 2012

# 8 South Carolina 41-30 in 2013* might change slightly
after their bowl game

# 14 LSU 44-41 in 2013* might change slightly after their
bowl game

5 Wins 14 Losses made Final AP Poll Top 25 and 3 more losses
to teams who didn’t :

686 points given up Final AP Poll Top 25 or Loss Unranked
Top 25 Todd Grantham Era

22 games Todd Grantham Era either vs Final AP Poll Top 25 or
Loss Unranked

31 points per game average given up Todd Grantham Era 22
games Top 25 or loss not.

DawgByte said...

Sorry, but I can't overlook the horrendous tackling of this squad. Guys are tackling way too high and relying on their hands and arms too much. I don't see anyone burying their shoulder into the gut of the ball carriers or taking out the legs. The fundamentals are sorely lacking.

Richt won't do anything until the fire under his ass gets too hot.

Dukes said...

The DL rolled VERY consistently this season. The LBs rolled less consistently, but definitely rolled in and out. As for DBs, the Safeties had so many injury issues, there wasn’t much depth TO roll in and out. They did do some of it, but when you’re playing your 3rd-choice safety, there’s not much behind him to roll. As for Langley, he started mostly out of necessity early in the season because Dawson and Shaq were banged up. As they got better, he fell behind in the pecking order. These same DBs will be back next season, so THEY need the experience more than their potential backups do. Next year is when you’ll want him to roll the younger guys in, in prep for 2015.

paulwesterdawg said...

How would anyone know what Duke's bowl travel party looks like? Did they did up Wallace Wade and ask him? If so, my uncle has a bone to pick with him.

Btw - doesn't matter what tickets Miami sells to their fans. They are a draw for TAMU fans.

gullyterrier . said...

I think TAMU vs Miami is a much more interesting match up than TAMU vs Duke.

Tyler said...

As far as the D-line for this year, I am actually happy with their "improvements". The LB's need major adjustments to improve tackling and they need to explode across the line of scrimmage instead of letting the offensive ball-carrier run to the LB. The DB's need a dumber system obviously, because we are getting burnt every game in the Secondary. If GEORGIA TECH can burn you on long pass plays, then you need to change something! Rotation of our young defense will only make us better. Alabama rotates their defense which is why they are so good for so long in a game and on the year as well.
Grantham needs to get fired, and CMR is not the kind of coach to take such action... I hate to say it but fire them both! I love Richt, but he isn't taking the necessary action it takes to win the big games.

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