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December 29, 2013

The Gator Bowl Review

There is a reason I haven't written much about the Gator Bowl. As I said, I'm not too jazzed about playing Nebraska again. Our team doesn't look much like the team we started the season with. That being said, I think the game hinges on how well our offensive line plays.

The line has been the most Jekyll/Hyde part of the team this season. I know we want to point to the defense, but hell, what we have on defense is what we have. You just hope we get the stops we need to not have to come back from 20 down. Again.

Based on what Nebraska has done this season, look for Mason and Georgia's offense to struggle a bit throwing down field, if Bobo even makes the call for him to do so. Gurley and the rushing attack has some room to make hay. All of that hinges on the offensive line. Will we see the offensive line from the first half of Tech or that from the 4th quarter/OT of Tech?

Also, look out for the turnover thing. Nebraska is dead last in fumbles recovered. They are 121st in the nation in turnover margin at -12. Compare that with Georgia's -6 at 97th. It isn't easy to see that if one team is able to do something, anything, with turnovers, they could flip the script easily.



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