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January 30, 2014

Dawgs fall to Vandy in hoops

First, great showing by the students. I didn't make it to Stegeman due to icy roads, but the students showed out. Glad they did.

Second, the team didn't:
“We didn’t have enough spirit to begin with so that contributed to both ends of the court,” said junior forward Marcus Thornton, who was 1 of 7 shooting. “I‘m not exactly sure what was behind it. I don’t know if it was snow, the weather changed it, we just didn’t have it today, spirit-wise, and that’s disappointing because you can always control that.”
Just from watching on the line, it didn't look like UGA was hustling, pursuing the ball, or maintaining the intensity they'd had in those SEC wins. Frankly, I was surprised we out rebounded Vandy (38-35). But that happens when only two players shot .500 (and only .500, including Kenny Paul-Geno's 1 for 2).

Frankly, this is the team I thought we'd see all season. I'm happy we saw the potential in that few game stretch. Now we are seeing the downside of the same team.

And let's not fool ourselves, Vandy is a bottom of the conference team. Just a bad loss.


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