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January 30, 2014

So that's why it'll be after signing day: possible defensive coach hire

Hat tip to Blutarsky:

Georgia: A source tells CoachingSearch, as expected, Florida State defensive grad assistant George Helow will follow Jeremy Pruitt to Georgia. Helow assisted Pruitt at Alabama in 2012 and at Florida State in 2013.

Easily the most obvious sign that Mark Richt is letting Pruitt craft his own staff is letting Pruitt wait to hire a GA. Helow played at Ole Ole miss as a walk on who earned a scholarship under Nutt, then joined Pruitt at Alabama and followed him to FSU. 

So, the question is did Pruitt negotiate this or did Richt learn from his past decisions? Or maybe the better question is does Richt inherently trust Pruitt in a way he didn't Grantham? I know Pruitt inherited two pretty good coaches that he'd be stuck with, but it is interesting the way all of this is playing out.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The wording in the Coaching Search piece isn't clear on if Helow will come as a GA or assistant. I went back and forth about it and jumped to assistant, but if it is a GA, I'm fully willing to admit it was a leap of logic, and I was wrong.

-- Looks like I was wrong. Mike Ekeler is probably up next.


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