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January 16, 2014

I see you Missouri and South Carolina

I'm not attributing all of Missouri's successes this year to 'turnover luck.' For one, I think part of that is made by how aggressively you play and focus on creating turnovers. For two, turnover luck only turns up to be important over the season in one possession games. Unless you are Houston. One look at their 43 turnovers created this season will tell you everything you need to know what Westerdawg thought Gibbs was worth a look for DC.

Missouri won by playing good enough defense, but in the end, they were only in two one possession games all season: The loss to South Carolina, where they were +2 in TOs; and the win over Texas A&M where they were +1 in turnovers.

South Carolina was on the top of the turnover luck list, too. They were in four one possession games, and were 3-1 in them. It shouldn't come as a surprise that they were -2 in that game against Tennessee.

Georgia was near the bottom, but nearly all on the strength (weakness?) of the Missouri game. We finished the year at -7 on TO margin, which put us at 101st in the nation. But we were -4 against Missouri. Just have our normal -1 and we are 20 places better.

Also, I'd be curious to know if anyone had worse turnovers than Georgia, as far as field position and such goes.



ssbcharley said...

I was thinking about hiring the Orgeron just the morning on my way to work. Bringing on Randy Shannon would also be nice. I wouldn't mind us trying to get Warren Belin back either.

Jerry said...

Pruitt left FSU because his fiance won't live in Tallahassee. He has a history of female trouble and cheating. Go to the FSU website for tons of info.

TylerDawgden said...

Which FSU website?

Jerry said...

SBnation Tomahawk Nation

TylerDawgden said...

You mean in the comments of that one article? Seems a lot like the rumors Kirby was in town on Monday.

John said...

Lol..people say anything and try to pass it on as facts

gullyterrier . said...

I guess that is bad for them good for us.
I knew someone would say this as soon as I heard he was single.

Otter Stratton said...

Randy Shannon. Great
defensive coach. I do not care what
position he coaches.

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