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January 14, 2014

Media Reaction to Pruitt's Hiring

Some great media reactions starting to the West of us:
More importantly there's this:
"He taught us the ins and outs of everything," Florida State safety Terrence Brooks said recently. "Just the way to pursue to the ball, the way to go get the ball, everything you can think about in football he's taught us. He really broke the game down to us as to why we're running this type of defense.  "He makes you understand it so much better and I feel like everyone bought into it and that's why we're so successful."



TylerDawgden said...

His ability to teach is probably the most intriguing thing about this hire. I noted earlier today that in the piece on FSU, he can break down concepts really well and get them implemented. Do that well with Georgia and we'll have immediate improvement.

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