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January 15, 2014

Pruitt: Thoughts on the hire

Clearly, I'm jazzed.

That being said, there are three things that come to mind:

  • I love what he brings from a teaching stand point. Rarely do his players look out of place or lost in coverage. More importantly, his players felt they were being coached and taught well. I have to assume that is the product of being a former high school coach/teacher, but he gets how to communicate concepts.
  • He is a stud recruiter. Grantham wasn't a slouch, but it says something that most of this year's top defensive recruits are being recruited by offensive coaches. He was named recruiter of the year in 2012 by one of the recruiting services. 
  • He isn't married to playing the same sets in the same situation all the time. We'll still operate out of the base 3-4, but would run some 4-2 and other sets. More importantly, he likes to be aggressive. A lot. That gets me jazzed.
Just reading Twitter, our players seem jazzed, too. We significantly improved our defensive coordinator position. For the same money. And won the press conference. Mark Richt showed he still has it, too. Just a stunning hire, IMHO.


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