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January 4, 2014

Men's hoops lose to George Washington

Georgia men's hoops team ended up their non-conference slate at 6-6 after losing to a tough George Washington team in Washington, DC. Coach Fox attributed this loss to [FILL IN TRITE COACHING METAPHOR INVOLVING PLAYERS NOT DOING WELL ENOUGH].

The good news is the Dawgs are figuring out how to get Cam Forte looks, as he lead the team in scoring at 14. Charles Mann also added 11. The bad news is UGA had only three more FGs than turnovers. We also went 1-10 on 3pt attempts, which is not good considering our inability to handle zone coverage. Or man to man coverage.

Consistent guard play will be a recurrent theme in the SEC schedule. The good news is outside of Missouri, LSU, Kentucky, Florida, and Arkansas, there are no teams as tough as Colorado and Georgia Washington in the SEC. The bad news is four of the first six SEC games is against teams from that group.

Dawgs travel to Columbia West to take on 11-1 Missouri Wednesday at 8pm. It'll be on SECTV with local coverage on WPCH in Atlanta, WSAV in Savannah, WRDW in Augusta, WAXN in Charlotte, WXTX in Columbus, and WSPA in Greenville. Full list of affiliates can be found here.



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