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January 4, 2014

Word Play

I sometimes wonder if people understand the difference in the words Punishment and Discipline.  At UGA, we've got no problem with punishing people, but discipline is the thing that makes you not want to do something that gets you punished in the first place.



ugalestat1 said...

Then almost every school not only has a discipline problem but a punishment problem as well.

ViperPhotos said...

I've been caught up in a discussion of these terms on more than one occassion. Punishment and Self-Control are both definitions for discipline. Lack of self-control (discipline) to follow established guidelines or norms leads to punishment (discipline).

gullyterrier . said...

I actually saw that game live. I thought the dogs looked pretty average. My 11 yr old thinks they need to practice more free throws.

paulwesterdawg said...

I would say some schools don't punish so they don't have a punishment problem.

ugalestat1 said...

That is exactly my point.

ugalestat1 said...

By the way thank you for the blog and the entertainment and info you provide. It is greatly appreciated! Go Dawgs!

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