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January 7, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Finality

Let's get on with this:
  1. Auburn. Yeah, they broke the streak, but if you think Malzahn isn't a very good coach, consider Auburn's season featured six one score wins, yet gave a very well coached and seasoned team all they could handle in Pasadena.
  2. Missouri. I think the Tigers are going to be more dangerous with Mauk. The question mark will be their defense.
  3. Alabama. If any team is responsible for the national media being on board with the 'SEC is no longer Goliath,' it is Alabama with their loss to Oklahoma.
  4. South Carolina. Possibly the best CapitalOne Bowl champion in the past 20 years.
  5. LSU. The sketchiest 10 win team in the nation. Easily.
  6. Texas A&M. You have to think Kevin Sumlin will have his work cut out for him when JFF decides to go pro by the end of this week.
  7. Vandy. Vandy is using strong coaching and a weak schedule to show they are now relevant in the SEC discussion. Florida fans pine for those good old days.
  8. Georgia. Mark Richt has lost control of the SEC's run in the BCS.
  9. Ole Miss. Bookend wins in Nashville to start and end the season. Is it really progress that they had to come back in August and withstand a comeback in December?
  10. Mississippi State. It isn't a stretch to say that Dan Mullin is among the top head coaches with a square head in football.
  11. Tennessee. If you need to know anything about the Dooley era at Tennessee, you need to think about just how important it is for them to sign 30+ guys next month on signing day.
  12. Florida. I can't decide if the coaching changes are moving deck chairs or really fixing things. 
  13. Arkansas. The blogger in me loves Bert. The football mind in me thinks he needs to focus more on coaching and less on being funny.
  14. Kentucky. Has the most upside of any team in the conference, which isn't hard to conceive considering how bad they were.


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