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January 15, 2014

Why Pruitt came to Athens

The hardest part for me to understand is why he came. The money wasn't stunning. It was an industry standard length. And FSU matched UGA.
Multiple sources have said that this move was not about money, and that Florida State essentially matched the annual offer of $850K from Georgia. Considering the state taxes in Georgia (and the lack of them in Florida), there was not a substantial money difference in the offers.
And he is saying the right things, too. Just wondering what about Athens makes it better than Tallahassee.


sdorn said...

Why Athens over Tallahassee? Have you ever been to Tallahassee? Or to Florida for that matter?

TylerDawgden said...

I get that, but it isn't like the community matters that much to an unmarried guy who works 100+ hours a week, with a full 1/3 of that time spent on the road. And he left Tuscaloosa to go there.

Trey Tanner said...

I don't really think its that complicated to figure out. Richt is not going to be here 5 years from, I say 2-3 at the most. Jimbo is just now getting started and if things go well at UGA Pruitt has set himself up to be Richt's replacement in a few years.

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