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February 13, 2014

Hartman and Young Alumni Program Deadline

Is Saturday, February 15th, in case you missed it.

To be eligible for the Young Alumni Program, you have to have graduated with any degree after May 2009. You only have to pay $40/game per seat (2 ticket max) and a $15 handling charge. The bonus is you get a $250/seat donation credit for future years. So if you do all five years at two tickets per season, you'll get into the general Hartman Fund with a 2500 point head start.*


*As best I can tell


Alkaline said...

After the back-to-back losses to Vandy & Auburn I figured this season's resurgence was kaput. I'm very pleased that I was wrong, and we actually have a reasonable chance at taking sole possession of third place on Saturday. I'm not sure what changed once conference play started but if Fox can continue to get the team to play consistently to finish this season and into next, then he's got as good a shot as anyone at sustaining a career at Georgia.

RaleighDawg31 said...

Ole Miss strikes me as a better team, but given the Dawgs success at home, I suppose we do have a pretty decent shot. It would be nice to get back at Marshall Henderson after some of his antics in our game last year.

TylerDawgden said...

As much as I'd love to go to Vegas with Henderson, I hope he fouls out in the first half Saturday.

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