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April 18, 2014

Brave new world

Digging this new Pruitt mindset:
Inside linebackers coach Mike Ekeler was asked about his presumed starters, first-team All-SEC pick Ramik Wilson, who had 133 tackles last season, and Amarlo Herrera, who had 112 tackles.
“No. 1, they’re not starters,” Ekeler said. “That’s jumping the gun right there.”
Hey, I'm really ok with a guy coming in and beating out Ramik or Amarlo and starting. Nothing about the past two DCs make me think that would be the mindset before.

The cool part is that is spilling over to offense:
On the other side of the ball, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo isn’t sure who his starting five on the offensive line will be for the season opener against Clemson on Aug. 30...
It remains to be seen if the days of Fair Bryant are really over, but I like it.


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