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April 13, 2014

GDay Recapping

A couple of thoughts...

Offensive tempo: Several times, both offenses picked up the pace. I'm not sure if we are toying with pressing tempo like we used to in the early Richt years, or if we were just challenging the defense to see how Pruitt's charges would handle the new substitution rules HUNH. The thing I was most intrigued by was the offense actually getting to the line quickly and running the play, as opposed to hurrying up, then waiting for a play to be called. I'd call the experiment a mixed bag on both accounts.

Offensive line: So much for a regular rotation.

Michael Bennett and Chris Conley: If Mason is going to have anything resembling a decent season, Bennett and Conley will be a big part of that. Bennett consistently helped Mason out with incredible catches. Conley consistently provided a sideline target for Mason.

Mason's consistency: Not sure why, it felt like Hutson was forcing the ball, even to open receivers. Especially early. Like at Tech. And Nebraska. Bobo has got some coaching to do. It was good to see some throws to RBs.

Hicks at TE: He had at least one good catch over the middle. He missed another at the goal line where he could have been more aggressive trying to get to the ball. It looked like he did a good job blocking. Still a work in progress.

Defense: I thought we did a better job in coverage, especially out of the linebackers. The DBs are still a work in progress. Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins had good games up front. Beyond that, it was hard to see much with all the rotating players and whatnot.

It was notable that there was far more rotating in the defensive backfield than up front. Another thing to watch is walk-on Aaron Davis and converted TB JJ Green (who was out with an injury yesterday) getting reps back there. Not saying it is time to panic, but considering our issues covering receivers last year, it is some thing to watch for.

Anything catch your eye?



Bobby said...

Mason does not seem to be able to throw the ball down field like a QB should be able to. Hopefully he can work on that because the WR talent is insane this year.

paulwesterdawg said...

Ronnie Powell for Heisman

That's my GDay Review for this and all future seasons.

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