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April 12, 2014


951 yards, 11 touchdowns.

That is really not all you need to know about Louisville's offensive performance in their Spring game last night. As their presumptive starting quarterback put it:
"When guys are wide open, you can't miss them," Gardner said. "I just put the ball where I can and they make the plays."
No information was posted as to how many of those were wheel routes.

There were some decidedly pro-offensive ground rules, most importantly no pressuring the quarterback, but still:
"Sometimes they may know what to do, but they're second-guessing themselves," Rankins said. "With the spring, everything's thrown at us so fast. … With the summer and time to dissect the playbook, coming out for camp and the first game, we'll be fine."
That sound all too familiar, right? Petrino's going to need all the points he can get.



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