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April 29, 2014

Kentucky Derby time

It should come as no surprise that I love horse racing, especially the Triple Crown. To the uninitiated, the Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness (held in Baltimore), and the Belmont Stakes (held in NY). If I have to tell you the Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, then in all likelihood you haven't read this far.

I've done Derby weekend a couple of times, and for the money, I can only think the National Championship Football game with Georgia beating Urban Meyer's Buckeyes by a West Virginia to Clemson score would be as fun. Except they serve bourbon drinks, no one is in jean shorts, and no one is complaining about how they sold out of Bud Light. As a bonus, even Ohio State fans clean up at the Derby.

Plus, you never know when you are going to end up doing a cameo for a Richard Grieco pilot on FX.

So if you are going, we've got tickets and we've got packages (click on the banner above). I've never done the packages, but know a couple of folks that have and they had a ball.

Check them out.



paulwesterdawg said...

Tyler - People do wear Jorts to the Derby...they just don't sit where you and I sit. If we surveyed our readers and had them guess which is not true, I'm not sure they would be able to guess:

1. Appeared in Richard Grieco pilot

2. Had winning ticket stolen by fake Navy Seals
3. Had drinks with Fulmer (or someone who is his stone cold flat out twin brother)

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