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June 20, 2014

Ramik Wilson gets no love

Returning First Team All-SEC LB? 
Leading tackler in the conference last year? 
New defensive coordinator that emphasizes attacking with the inside LBs? 
10th best LB in the conferenc going into the new season? 


Ok, I could see a few of the folks he has in front of Wilson being quibbly. But a guy that didn't play at all last year and will probably play with his hand on the ground more than standing up in front of him? Or anyone from Ole Miss?

Plus, Ramik is the third listed UGA LB (Floyd is second and Jordan Jenkins is 9th), but UGA is only listed as the third best SEC unit by Low. So we have that going for us.

So Jenkins, Herrera, Wilson, and Floyd seems like a nice group in the middle of the defense.
Ed note: Phil Steel also feels differently based on his list of teams who are likely to surprise this season, where Georgia is listed first:
This season they have eight returning starters, led by a linebacking corps that I rank No. 1 in the country. 


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