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June 30, 2014

Simple is as simple does

In an radio interview about Auburn's offensive philosophy, Greg McElroy touches on something that I admired about Malzahn's offense: finding something that works and running it until the other guy stops it:
Watching the film, it's like: They just ran that; it was just a little bit different formation. They just ran the exact same play four times out of the last seven. It's amazing to see him being able to do that. Once he finds something that works against a defense, he definitely exploits it and credit to him for being able to do that.
For my money, I'd love to see Georgia do that more. A lot more. It isn't that Bobo is a bad play caller. He's significantly improved in all facets of being an offensive coordinator over the past four season, play calling included. However, if there is one consistent gripe I have about him is the unwillingness to continue to go to plays that work early for fear the defense has already figured it out. I'd make the defenses prove they had figured it out instead of assuming they had.

Of course, having a healthy compliment of [fill in blank with any skill position on offense] will allow him to be more dynamic than we were at the end of last season.

Now, if we can ditch the sprint draw on 3rd and 13 with the smallest RB we have on the roster....



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