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June 5, 2014

The UGA process

Y'all, the sky ain't falling.

I'm as nervous as the next guy about Georgia's defensive backfield, and it wasn't caused by the departure of a starting CB and safety, I assure you. It was because of this:

In case you were wondering, that was "it's not us, it's THEM" throwing his hands up after Mauger doesn't bail his blown coverage out with a tackle.

The problem I see is that it was X's and O's as well as Jimmy and Joes last year. Not to say those guys aren't or weren't talented, because they clearly are. The problem is talent alone isn't enough, especially if there is a position coach or coordinator that isn't holding players accountable.

Which gets me back to Mr. Matthews. I mentioned yesterday that where ever he goes, those coaches will do their diligence by talking to Mark Richt and others. Any chance Matthews and his attitude lasts longer than 5 minutes in Tuscaloosa (or Gainesville, if we are being honest)?

Go back and watch that video. Pruitt was hired to make sure that doesn't happen again. The last guy certainly didn't make sure it wasn't happening, and he's the one that recruited the guys that have left (notably, to go play for him at Louisville). I'll admit I have a blind spot about UGA football, but if firing a player that has stolen from the University and is intentionally disruptive in a class is not the right thing, you are the one with the problem, not us.


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Joe Morris said...


WT said...

Wasn't Lakatos the first of the defensive coaches to go last year? From the AJC story: "Lakatos, 49, would say only that he is leaving for “personal reasons.”

“Let’s leave it at that — personal reasons,” Lakatos, 49, said in a short telephone interview Thursday night.

Asked if he had a choice about leaving, Lakatos said, “oh, yeah, of course. Just leave it at personal reasons. There’s no story here.”"

Wonder if there was more to meet the eye...

Tim Whatley, DDS said...

Did you happen to notice what class he was in? Childhood Literature (acting childish). What's on that syllabus?

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