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June 9, 2014

Weiszer reading tea leaves for possible depth chart

Take the time to skim Weiszer's depth chart musings, since Georgia looks like they won't release one. On defense, it's be shocking if Herrera and Wilson (who has been named First Team Preseason All-American by Phil Steele, along with Gurley) aren't starting in the two LB positions they held last year. Beyond Leonard Floyd (who was named 3rd team by Phil Steele) at OLB, it is hard to say anyone else definitely has a starting job on defense

I think it is safe to say Gurley is the starting TB, we know Mason will be the QB, and with Quayvon Hicks moving to TE the fullback job will remain with Merritt Hall. Speaking of TE, I'd think Hicks, Rome (depending on his recovery), and Jordan Davis sharing TE reps, probably with incoming Freshman Jeb Blazevich. It wouldn't surprise me to see some packages with two TEs if Blazevich is all that at running routes. Conley will definitely catch passes, but who knows from what position.

The other thing that caught my eye is about the offensive line
Greg Pyke has a leg up at right guard and Brandon Kublanow or Kolton Houston could start at left guard.
“You talk about those two guard positions are up for grabs,” quarterback Huston Mason said. “Coach (Will) Friend and Coach (Mike) Bobo did a lot of rearranging in the spring. We tried a lot of different guys out in different spots. They haven’t really named any starting lineup. I’m sure they have a good idea of what they’re going to try out in preseason camp. It’s still up for grabs.”
So there is that. Can we assume the left tackle is set with Theus? If there is one position we need someone to step up their game, especially considering what Bobo wants to do with Mason, it is Theus at left tackle.

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Ginny said...

Absolutely it was more than that. James Deloach and Jon Taylor aren't even facing suspensions for the same stealing offense. I think it's safe to say that they have done what they needed to do to show Coach Richt that they are deserving of another chance. Matthews did not.

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