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June 17, 2014

World Cup Bus

Ok, let me start this by saying that I get not liking soccer. I can be a very boring sport. Like seriously boring.

However, when you have 32 teams from around the world with nearly every great star playing participating in the tournament, that usually isn't the case. We in America have been conditioned to think scoring is the only thing that matters, and it does to an extent. Actually, we've been conditioned to believe that scoring and offense are the same thing. That isn't the case.

There is plenty of offense in soccer; it just doesn't normally result in scoring. That is by design. That 2-1 US match yesterday wasn't anything like the 3-2 Auburn-MSU game from 2008. In fact, the team that had the most and best offense yesterday lost.

Turning to the World Cup, I get not liking soccer. I don't get not rooting for the US. I rooted for Ryan Lochte, a Florida Gator, during the Olympics. Why? Because America, dammit. I watch fencing in the Olympics to root for the Americans.

Will Leitch put it best:
But this World Cup, this can transcend all this. This is our thing. No matter where I looked, everyone was on my side. It was a collective moment. This is what the rest of the world is talking about. This is the thing we can all have. This is the thing you are missing.
I'll put it plainly: You are wrong if you aren't rooting for the US. Even if you hate soccer with every fiber of your being, you can love rooting for the US. No one will judge your manhood, you collegefootball fandom, your bonafides as an American. Even if soccer isn't an American sport, rooting for America is an American sport.
Get on the bus.


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