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June 17, 2014

Sporting News bowl projections

Has Oregon playing Oklahoma in the national title game. They have Bama in the semifinal in the Rose Bowl. I don't know how that'd happen, but ok.

Unless they have a huge troll going on, because they also have UCF in the Fiesta Bowl, which just isn't going to happen with a new QB.

They do have UGA playing in the Outback Bowl against Wisconsin. Based on their other predictions of SEC East teams, they have us losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

SEC Bowl Projections:
-Alabama vs. Oklahoma in Rose Bowl (semi-finals game)
-LSU vs. Nebraska in Capital One Bowl
-Georgia vs. Wisconsin in Outback Bowl
-South Carolina vs. Miami, Fl in Gator Bowl
-Auburn vs. Michigan State in Peach Bowl
-Florida vs. TCU in Liberty Bowl
-Texas A&M vs. Louisville in Music City Bowl
-Missouri vs. Kansas State in Texas Bowl
-Mississippi State vs. Syracuse in Duck Commander Independence Bowl
-Tennessee vs. East Carolina in Birmingham Bowl

So they think Agent Muschamp will improve over last year. Also, Kevin Sumlin's offense vs. Todd Grantham's defense sure seems like a fun match up. About as fun as Bobby Petrino's offense vs. Kevin Sumlin's defense.


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