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June 3, 2014

Yeah, but fire Bobo....

Seth Emerson indulges us in some early June football fluff with the story of Mike Bobo's recruitment by Mark Richt.  Two things stuck out.

First, Agent Muschamp chimes in
“He was a good football coach two years ago,” Muschamp said. “Look at the development of the quarterback position at Georgia and what he’s done there. I know I’m the football coach at Florida and we’re a rival, but the guy’s a good football coach. You win a couple more games and the ball bounces your way a couple more times, all of a sudden you become a really good coach. I don’t know. I thought he was a really good coach back then.”
I'm going to leave that alone, with the reminder that Muschamp hired Charlie Weis as an OC.

Second, Richt and Bobo discuss Bobo's move to uptempo Georgia's offense, but with the hurry up and wait offense that I deplore:
Georgia’s version of the hurry-up offense is often hurry to the line and then wait, which Richt said comes from Bobo’s perfectionist tendencies.

Then you would expect to see fewer plays that get bogged down due to technical breakdowns with scheme or players missing, especially as the season goes. right?

I'm not saying I dislike Bobo as a coordinator. In fact, unless you are just willfully ignorant of Georgia football the past two season, Bobo's offense and coaching are the reasons we haven't been 6-6 both years. Another thing the hurry up and wait does is bleeds clock. Especially important when you think about Georgia's possessions per game stats (78th in the country) and resulting TOP (middle of the pack).

So, will we continue to see the hurry up and wait? That is harder to say. If we have Gurley and Marshall, and all of our receivers, plus a competent offensive line, I don't know why we wouldn't, as that gives Mason a bit more time to suss out the defense and Bobo to send in a play that gives us a chance to get a RB or WR open with the ball in space, which is the base goal of Bobos' offenses in the first place.

The wildcard remains how much the offense needs to protect the defense. If the defense is competent, especially if the DBs miraculously come together, then why not speed up the offense?


Bobby said...

I like to call it the non-huddle offense.

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