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July 27, 2014

Brendan Douglas blows up people

Brendan Douglas is a dangerous man.
(h/t Bernie Dawg)

This is the primary reason I feel good about our offence. We've gotten good at the soul crushing long drives. Think the end of Florida or the South Carolina game where the master piece above came from. While Gurley is getting all the love, and for good reason, Brendan Douglas is very much a part of why I think out offense will help keep our defense covered.

I'm still mulling around an idea, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Georgia play out of a bit of different set this season. Jay Rome is hurt. Quayvon Hicks is listed as Hback. Something is up, which leads me to think Bobo is cooking up a bit of a different set, especially for when Brendan Douglas is in the game. Imagine this very play, with Hicks or Rome lead blocking out of the backfield.



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