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July 26, 2014

Names for our defense

With the latest news of an arrest involving a defensive player (Bellamy for DUI, I can't post links from here), I figured we need a name for the defensive unit that will actually end up playing against Clemson.

My attempts:
The Relatively Clean Dozen
The Freshmen
The Replacements
Athens' not Wanted (yet)

Do your damage in the comments. I'm to the point of macabre humor on this. Let's just go full bore and win The Fulmer Cup, boys.


Deutschland Domiciliary Dog said...

Need to work in reference to the Citizen Kane of movies shot in Reidsville, Georgia: The Longest Yard.

"Didn't Make the Cut for The Longest Yard"?

How 'bout "Missed The Longest Yard Casting Call"?

Or "Sure FSU Has Its Bert Reynolds, But We Have Our Grantham Recruits"?

paulwesterdawg said...

Prison Yard Dawgs

Hunkering Hank said...

"The Who"

"The Leftovers"

"Auburn Jr. WarTigelsmen"


Charles said...

"The League of Extradited Gentlemen"

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