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July 11, 2014

Georgia's defensive depth chart out?

(from the AJC)
The new media guide is out with some neat cross promotion on the cover (that is basketball coach Mark Fox with the Spike Squad). Chip Towers takes some time to deconstruct the depth chart and includes a full list at the bottom of his article.

I've been working on an article on the defense that I'll get published this weekend, but I've been waiting on my media guide to I can fill in some blanks. One thing I'd already put in the article was a reference to JJ Green getting many looks in as a defensive back...which Towers points out is likely to happen, even if you think the depth chart is an elaborate long con.

The depth cart doesn't include any of the freshmen or transfers, notably Fenteng, Dominick Sanders, or Malkom Parrish. The other caveat is there are a number of other guys that have the opportunity to prove themselves, especially guys that have significant experience to utilize (or unlearn, as I'll point out in the article I'm working on). I'm thinking about Corey Moore and Quincy Mauger, just off the top of my head.

Another interesting player to watch will be Tramel Terry, who was recruited as an athlete and was widely expected to play WR in college, and in fact worked with the WRs during his freshman season while rehabbing a knee injury. He has the athleticism to fit into Pruitt's defensive philosophy. If he can pick up the schemes, he'll contribute.



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