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July 23, 2014

I love a good Stingtalk grouphug session

Blutarsky sent me down this rabbit hole. The best part is how they look for digs at UGA with all they do. Well, that and how their players that mess up are probably just 'under the stresses' of Tech, whereas UGA players are subjected to the bad influences of Athens:
Would be an interesting case study if we could ever see what they could've done had they come here. Would they still become criminals or were they thrust into an environment that adversely impacted them? Ah well, see you at Louisville I guess.
Wonder where those town folks are now that both he and Deloach are likely flaming out of Athens?
Also, the weed smoking justifiers are out in numbers:
Smoking weed is something that goes on at every college campus and with many student athletes. It's not evil. I know for a fact that in the 90's GT used to better prepare their "at-risk" kids and looked the other way during testing. The only ones who failed were practically trying to get caught.

Let's not forget that our beloved Calvin Johnson had a weed smoking incident in college.
Oh, and Paul Johnson is a great guy for looking after the interests of the good kids:
Originally Posted by wesleyd21 View Post
Paul Johnson is doing the right thing by graduating the good kids and kicking off the "bad" ones.

Let's see how many people give a crap when he only wins 5 games this year.
We all should care. It's one of the reasons why I choose to be a fan of this program. The fact that he and the staff have pride in their program and honor the kids who are responsible and disciplined should be a point of pride for everyone pulling for this team.

Grow a pair.
The high horse is never quite as high as you think.


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