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July 23, 2014

John Taylor's spot on the roster

I've seen some chatter about what happens to Taylor now. No matter what Coach Richt decides, he's got issues with the University proper to work out regarding his enrollment as a student. No matter what, I can't see him playing this season.

That being said, it was looking more and more like Taylor was pushing for a starting spot at NG. Now, we need JUCO Toby Johnson to show he can compete with Mike Thornton and Mayes for playing time at NG, because we're going to see a lot more substitution and such with Pruitt than we did with Grantham.


Robert Wolfe said...

"it is one of the reasons I choose to be a fan of this program."

How does this work exactly? I do not really know, because my parents met at UGA. I started attending games as soon as I quit wearing diapers. I went to school at UGA. I didn't just "choose" to become a fan. Is this the way most people do it? If so, who says, "Georgia, Mississippi, Clemson, Alabama, no I choose Georgia Tech."?

TylerDawgden said...

You got me. I know people who are Tech fans by choice (rather than because they have an immediate affiliation with Tech, but universally they are of the age when Tech ruled rural Georgia due to Coach Dodd's charisma and UGA's dearth of success

CJ M said...

Tech has fans?

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