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July 19, 2014

NFL restricts undergrad evals to five per school

Wonder how this will play in recruiting?

The funny part is the NFL putting this out there:
Vincent emphasized the league is not prohibiting underclassmen from entering the draft, but ''we want them to make an informed decision.''
So the obvious question is how will they make an informed decision if you aren't giving them an evaluation from the league? How in the wide, wide world of sports can this help undergrads? In reality, it won't. We'll end up with more handlers, agents, and others who will be after guys with the hope that they'll actually make a roster, even if they don't get evaluated.


Dubbayoo said...

While I completely see your point, it should force the college coaches to only submit the 5 guys most likely to actually get drafted. I do like that the ruling, if I heard it correctly, will mean players only get a grade of Round 1, Round 2 or Go back to school. Few things irk me more than a guy going pro because he made second team All-Podunk Conference.

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