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July 18, 2014

Gurley on his offensive line

One thing going into this season that has me worried is the offensive line. We lost three guys off a line that was maddeningly inconsistent last year. If Georgia's offense is going to be any where near what it needs to be, especially early in the season until the defense gels, the line has to be good. Not great, but certainly top half of the conference.

Which is why I found this bit of kool aid mixing from Todd Gurley nice:
“We don’t get the Alabama, big, country 6-5, 320. But we get some good ones,” Gurley said. “I love my line. David (Andrews), John (Theus), Kolton (Houston), Hunter (Long), Watts (Dantzler), all those guys. They’re just so close together with each other. They do everything together. I think that’s a good thing.
Reading some tea leaves there,  I think you can see your starting five.

One other thing, I've been batting around this notion that we'll see some different sets to allow us to move those guys around a little bit. FSU's offense under OC Mark Richt used to have a bit smaller Olinemen, and they'd move those guys everywhere in blocking schemes. For a more recent (and painful) example, think how Boise State's Oline looked when we played them in the Dome.

Of course, making blocking schemes more complicated might just lead to Will Friend with a guy holding a towel over his head, which turned out so well for the unit who's coach did that last year.


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